domenica 10 giugno 2018

Gli interventi del 7° NBG meeting: "Le malattie del sistema nervoso"

Sono scaricabili i power points degli interventi cliccando sul nome del Relatore:

Andria: The Italian Research in the field of Rare Diseases of CNS

Auricchio: Gene therapy of inherited retinal degenerations.

Banfi: The molecular bases of inherited retinal degenerations

Riccio: Autism spectrum disorders: novel drug targets

Brunetti-Pierri: Whole Exome Sequencing in undiagnosed disease patient

Carotenuto: MicroRNAs to Monitor Pain-migraine and Drug Treatment

de Bartolomeis: Immediate-Early Genes Modulation by Antipsychotics: Translational Implications for a Putative Gateway to Drug-Induced Long-Term Brain Changes

Filla: Inherited ataxias: insights into their genetic bases

Micalizzi: Strategies for genetic diagnosis in pediatric neurological disorders: the example of congenital cerebellar malformations.

Riccio: Autism spectrum disorders: novel drug targets

Santoro: Molecular bases of inherited peripheral neuropathies

Taglialatela: Developmental encephalopathies and potassium channel mutations: from molecular mechanisms to personalized treatments

Tedeschi: Neuronal networks: an invisible manifestation of disea

Vezzani: Neuroinflammation and epilepsy: a basis for new therapeutic options